//TickSniper and GOOD SANTA EA

TickSniper and GOOD SANTA EA


TICKSNIPER is a professional scalping system in which all settings are available for editing. You can configure TICKSNIPER for your needs.

Type: Automatic scalper with auto tuning of all parameters for the broker and
currency. Automatic tick advisor. Works on tick data based on the current movement of a currency pair
Terminal: MT4 and MT5
Functions: Auto setup of trading parameters by the current symbol, averaging, take
profit, trailing stop, average trailing stop, breakeven.

Nb : After the payment validation you will receive the bot with use video


The Advisor is developed based on experience gained in almost 10 years of advisor programming.
Based on the current data of the selected currency pair, its quotes, specifications, spread, the advisor makes short-term deals with a minimum take-profit, using the function of a smart trailing stop.
The averaging strategy in our EA is used to prevent the loss of the algorithm for determining the signals.
If an open position gains a specific loss, then the function of averaging positions comes into play.
In extreme cases, the positions opened by the TickSniper advisor have a stop-loss. If the automatic trading system can not deduce a series of positions in the minimum profit, then the positions are alternately closed on the stop-loss.
The system automatically determines favorable levels of stoploss, takeprofit, distances of averaging positions, trailing stop distance, and so on.
Data on these parameters our advisor receives from the specification of the currency pair and the current prices of the currency pair and other factors that are part of our strategy.